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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Royal Doulton Artists  (John Twigg. Penkhull, England, United Kingdom)
A site about Doulton artists and figurines, with image galleries.
Compiled by John Twigg.   
Added Jun 2011
Royal Winton  (Longton, England, United Kingdom)
'The home of chintz.' Buy online or visit their factory shop.   
Added Apr 2006
ROYAL WORCESTER  (Worcester, England, United Kingdom)
Worcester used to be one of the largest producers of fine bone china and porcelain in England. This manufactory no longer produces any wares, instead catering to visitors with 'hand painting' demonstrations, museum visits and shops.
The website carries online catalogues; details of hand painted 'Worcester fruit'; product care guidelines; and information on stockists, etc. Special commissions accepted.   
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 6 Jan 2008
rrisi  (Risi Produtos Ceramicos. Mogi-Guacu, Brazil)
Includes some porcelain painting supplies.    In Portuguese.
Added May 2015
RS Porcelanas de la Patagonia  (Ricardo Furlan & Silvana Nigro. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)
Porcelain wares made by potter Ricardo Furlan using local materials and handmade moulds, and hand-painted by artist Silvana Nigro. View Silvana's CV and the range of work in the gallery, catalog and designs pages.    In English & Spanish.
Added Sep 2008
RubyGayle Jackson  (Ada, Oklahoma, United States)
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 17 Sep 2010
RUDOLF KÄMMER Porzellanmanufaktur  (Rudolstadt, Germany)
This family-run manufactory produces fine hand-made and -painted porcelain, some designed by well-known sculptors. View their company's history, production images and online catalogues; or visit their showrooms, factory outlets, and workshops (for guided tours).    In English, German & Russian.
Added Dec 2011  - Last review 21 Oct 2014
Rund ums Porzellan  (Huerup, Germany)
Site offering mostly white porcelain and paints; inquire about brushes, kilns, etc.    In German.
Added Jan 2011
Rus-sell  (Rus-sell/Florida LLC. Ormond Beach, Florida, United States)
Large trader of Russian products shipped 'from St.Petersburg.' The extensive porcelain catalogue includes wares from Lomonosov, Gzhel, Kislovodsk, Dulyovo, etc.; commissions are also accepted. Articles and FAQ pages include further porcelain information.   
Added Jun 2004
Russian Adventure  (Tatiana Kollins. Saint Petersburg, Russia)
A tour guide whose "other services" include special events such as painting master-classes at St.Petersburg's Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.   
Added Jun 2011

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