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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
San Diego Visual ARTISTS GUILD  (San Diego, California, United States)
Includes china painting by Willene Hatfield; contact for details of classes, studies, etc.   
Added Sep 2005  - Last review 2 Jun 2016
Sandra Maddox Fine Art  (Lake Stevens, Washington, United States)
'Handpainted custom artwork painted on various surfaces.' Browse collections of works for sale, from photographs to oil, glass or porcelain paintings (murals, basins, pet portraits, etc.) Available as originals or reproductions; commissions accepted.   
Added Nov 2017
Sandy Long  (Baytown, Texas, United States)
Images, grouped by subject.   
Added Jul 2001  - Last review 13 Apr 2010
Sandy Schreiber  (Sandy Schreiber-Bratzel. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States)
Commission artwork from a fantasy and SF artist (webname Enjis) now also doing china painting.   
Added Oct 2014  - Last review 9 Apr 2017
Sara Lusters  (Sam Racela. Hillsborough, New Jersey, United States)
Manufacturer of bright gold and lustres for glass and ceramics.   
Added Mar 2005  - Last review 13 Feb 2018
SAVOIE VAISSELLE  (Domancy, France)
A large range of "porcelaine Limoges, du Berry, etc.", including wares for painting.    In French.
Added May 2007
SAVOIE VAISSELLE  (Domancy, France)
A large range of "porcelaine Limoges, du Berry, etc.", including wares for painting.    In French.
Added May 2015
Schloss Fasanerie  (Eichenzell, Germany)
The Hessische Hausstiftung operates a museum in this baroque palace, exhibiting 18th- and 19th-century furniture and furnishings. These include Chinese and Japanese porcelain, plus early European wares - Meissen, Sèvres, Copenhagen, etc. - with a state banquet service of over 1,800 pieces. Tours available.    In English & German.
Added Nov 2007
Schlossmuseum Neues Palais  (Arnstadt, Germany)
The Baroque Schlossmuseum, built in 1728-32, houses collections such as the famous Mon Plaisir dolls; Brussels tapestries; Dorotheenthal faience; and East Asian and Meissen porcelain from the early 18th century. Linked pages describe the permanent exhibitions.    In German.
Added Oct 2006
SCHMIDT DESIGN  (Irene Barkmann. Hörstel, Germany)
View watercolours and china painting (including fine jewellery) from a noted 'painter in flowers and botanical art' with experience at Meissen and KPM; commissions accepted. This artist also teaches internationally.    In English & German.
Added Apr 2004  - Last review 20 Mar 2017

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