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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Pouneh, Peinture sur Porcelaine  (Pouneh Djamali-Urani. Montpellier, France)
Range of wares from decorative pieces to kitchenware, plus 'listes de mariage'.    In French.
Added Oct 2002  - Last review 5 Feb 2010
Pourpre de rose  (Bernadette Paris. Laval, France)
Share this artist's enjoyment in her blog, named after a colour used in painting.    In French.
Added Mar 2012
Pouting Puppy  (Shay Jones. Redmond, Washington, United States)
Art pages include images of Shay's china painting.   
Added Jul 2013
Power of Porcelain - Ulf Trittel  (Freising, Germany)
Freelance, Meissen-trained artist and teacher with a background in flower, bird and animal painting. Classes also held in Japan.    In English, German & Japanese.
Added Jul 2004  - Last review 23 Apr 2006  
A forum for 'PPIO folks' to share china painting information, lessons and images, including those from topics raised on the PPIO's mailing list.   
Added Nov 2009
Prairie Museum of Art and History  (Colby, Kansas, United States)
A private Museum whose ceramics collection includes a gallery of early Meissen.   
Added Sep 2002
Preben Gloggengiesser  (Aarhus, Denmark)
View the artist's CV, porcelain and glass painting, plus students' work.    In Danish.
Added Apr 2006  - Last review 27 Aug 2011
Presentation de l'artiste  (Odile Menotti. Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France)
This classically trained artist specializes in modern styles, teaching in Paris and Tours. View her painted wares, books and class details.    In French.
Added Apr 2011
Priscilla's Parlor  (Prisilla Cipolletti. Clare, Michigan, United States)
Handpainted porcelain, collectables, etc.   
Added Oct 2009
QPAInc.  (Queensland Porcelain Artists Inc. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
Includes a members' gallery, painting tips and list of teachers.   
Added Jan 2008

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