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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
PORZELLANMALEREI SILLENBUCH  (Margret Hopp-Lohner. Stuttgart, Germany)
Commission a special piece from this Ludwigsburg-trained artist and teacher. Available designs include landscapes, monograms, heraldic devices, etc.    In German.
Added Jun 2010
Porzellanmalerei Stahr-Feiten  (Claudia Stahr-Feiten. Berlin, Germany)
Images of painted articles and work for sale.    In German.
Added Mar 2011
Porzellanmalerei Werkstatt: Karin Eishauer  (Taarstedt, Germany)
Includes image gallery.    In German.
Added Mar 2007
Porzellanmalerei-Wilfert  (Rosa M. Wilfert. Miesbach, Germany)
View painted wares; inquire about custom designs and replacements; or visit the studio of this Nymphenburg-trained artist.    In German.
Added Sep 2010
Porzellanmalerei: Atelier Ursula Gilewski  (Wolfsburg, Germany)
Hand painted wares and classes.    In German.
Added May 2002  - Last review 5 Mar 2006
Porzellanmalerin Beatrix Winter  (Wurmsham, Germany)
Gallery takes custom orders.    In German.
Added Jul 2009  (Marlen Sohr. Lenggries, Germany)
This Meissen-trained artist offers classes, seminars and special commissions. View her work online, grouped by categories such as jewellery, fruit and classical flowers.    In English & German.
Added Jan 2006  - Last review 24 Apr 2012
Porzellanmalkunst  (Sieglinde Hertel. Kuessaberg, Germany)
Painted wares and seminars from a Meissen-trained painter specializing in Indian painting (Indischmalerei).    In English & German.
Added May 2005  - Last review 9 Nov 2008
Porzellanmalschule und Atelier Holger F. Mueller  (Arzberg, Germany)
Meissen-trained artist whose classes include Indischmalerei (Meissen Indian painting).    In German.
Added Sep 2003
Posliini KULTURAITA  (Janiksenlinna, Finland)
Offering supplies - whiteware, paints, brushes, etc. - plus various services including ceramic repairs.    In Finnish.
Added Sep 2011

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