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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
PORZELLANDERS  (Esther Kohli. Niederwangen, Switzerland)
Shop and studio offering glass and porcelain supplies, classes and commissioned work. Whiteware includes a large selection of animal figurines.    In German.
Added May 2007  - Last review 27 Aug 2011
Porzellanlexikon  (Adrian W.T. & Gabriele Dostal. Neufraunhofen, Germany)
A reference for European "porzellaner" - artists, places, manufactories, etc. - from approximately 1700 on; queries accepted.    In German.
Added Apr 2007
Porzellanmal Studio  (Monika Becker. Nieder-Olm, Germany)
Original and commissioned work in various styles; will paint replacement pieces.    In German.
Added Feb 2004
Porzellanmalen Monique Tabeling  (Olten, Switzerland)
Brief studio and class information.    In German.
Added Apr 2011
PORZELLANMALEREI  (Birgit Tadge. Billerbeck, Germany)
Gallery owner offering a range of painted porcelain and glass, plus painting lessons.    In German.
Added Sep 2010
Porzellanmalerei Erika Riederer-Reber  (Mönchaltorf, Switzerland)
This artist, trained in the Nyon style, now specializes in flowers and fruit inspired by nature. View her gallery and award-winning works; seminars by appointment.    In German.
Added Jul 2013
Porzellanmalerei Hans Bauer  (Troestau, Germany)
Artist and restorer offering painting classes from April to October, plus classes overseas. Images show how to paint a traditional tulip, and the various stages of portraiture. Supplies include brushes, kilns, etc. plus decal outlines and paints (some premixed).    In German.
Added Sep 2003  - Last review 13 Mar 2008
Porzellanmalerei INES KITTNER  (Radeberg, Germany)
Meissen trained artist showing samples ranging from small decorative items to tile murals. Commissions and studio visitors welcome.    In German.
Added Jun 2006
Porzellanmalerei Irene Munsche  (Reni Munsche. Heinsberg, Germany)
Displays a large selection of the artist's works, in classic and realistic styles.    In German.
Added May 2011
Porzellanmalerei Katrin Leesch  (Radebeul, Germany)
Founded by Anton Ott in 1922, this re-located manufactory now has a visitors' area, painting school and shop. Browse their hand-painted, traditional designs, or order a bespoke piece.    In English & German.
Added Feb 2010

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