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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
PORCELAINES DE LA FABRIQUE  (Saint-Brice-sur-Vienne, France)
The manufactory, founded in 1825, specializes in quality white Limoges porcelain, and also designs and makes special series to order. Online images show the manufacturing process from clay preparation and modelling to polishing and quality control.    In French.
Added Jul 2015
Porcelaines MP Samie  (Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, France)
A large porcelain manufacturer and distributor, especially of white tableware; check for outlets in France.    In French.
Added Mar 2012
A leading international magazine for porcelain and glass painting. This quarterly, Swiss-produced publication is edited by Peter Faust and Lila Schaad.    In English, French & German.
Added Apr 2007  - Last review 12 Oct 2016
Porcelana Art  (Krystyna Kruszewska. Warsaw, Poland)
An artist's range of hand painted wares, available with monograms, pattern matching and custom orders.    In Polish.
Added May 2005
Porcelana Branca de Anabela Dias Lopes  (Foz do Sousa, Portugal)
Company offering porcelain painting supplies; view their large range of whiteware.    In various languages.
Added Apr 2012
Porcellana dipinta  (Cristina Minischetti. Alba, Italy)
Added Feb 2001  - Last review 1 May 2002
PORCELLANA e CERAMICA  (Paola Cenciarelli. Rome, Italy)
Artist inspired by classic Italian art and oriental motifs. Admire her gallery or inquire about custom work; courses, seminars and activities; and modeling and decoration supplies.    In Italian.    In Italian.
Added Nov 2009
Porcellane Dipinte a mano  (Morena Biavaschi. Varese, Italy)
'Unicorno' displays china painting and craftwork.    In Italian.
Added Jun 2004  - Last review 9 Mar 2011
Porcellane Dipinte a Mano  (Paola Codazzi. Taino, Italy)
Artist and teacher whose painted wares ranging from jewelllery and bomboniere to lamps and tableware.    In Italian.
Added Apr 2011
Porcleain-Artists.Com  (Diane Guinn. Melbourne, Florida, United States)
Site offering the artist's hand poured porcelain ornaments, with some painted examples. Onsite tips include topics such as acetone transfers, pouring porcelain slip, and loading and firing kilns.There is also a section for free classified ads. A linked sister-site shows painted ornaments, figurines, etc.   
Added Apr 2010  - Last review 24 Jul 2011

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