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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Art Institute of Chicago  (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
This large Museum holds a permanent art collection, research library and visitors' shop. The European Decorative Arts collection includes decorated porcelain from famous English, French, and German manufactories. Check for exhibitions and items are on display, or view the collection online.   
Added May 2017
Art Mine Berthet  (Cannes, France)
This Turkish-born artist displays many painted wares (grouped by portraits, cinema, luster, underglaze, etc.), including some jewely. The press section mentions her various prizes, and the site also includes videos.
Mine also works in the Academie Internationale de peinture de Nice.    In English & French.
Added Dec 2017
Art of Huda  (Huda M. al Saie. Al Manāmah, Bahrain)
About the artist and her activities, from classes and exhibitions to corporate commissions and special projects. The latter often reference the region's cultural history.   
Added Feb 2017
Art of Porcelain & oil Painting  (Yolanda Eljaiek. Bogotá, Colombia)
This artists works with a range of media - oils and acrylics, pastels, and porcelain painting. Check the image galleries, CV, classes and selected supplies. She also teaches in New York.   
Added Jul 2005  - Last review 7 Feb 2017
Art on Ceramics  (Ian Allen Johnson. Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom)
Commissioned work on tiles and bone china by an ex-Doulton artist.   
Added Dec 2002  - Last review 15 Mar 2008
Art on Porcelain and China  (Cookie Serletic. Ocala, Florida, United States)
Blog about the artist's work, commissions and studies (Cookie Originals).   
Added May 2014
Art on Porcelain: Porcelain Art Market  
An interactive e-commerce community for artists, teachers and suppliers, founded by American artist Patricia Ritter Zellmer. Browse independent studios for supplies or creations produced on, or with, porcelain; or look for teachers and event listings.   
Added Dec 2011  - Last review 2 May 2017
Art und Porzellan  (Susanne Reisser. Stockach-Wahlwies, Germany)
Take classes with guest artists, or shop for supplies such as jewellery blanks and findings, whiteware, kilns and books.    In German.
Added Dec 2017
ARTchat - Porcelain Art Plus  
A comprehensive forum on china painting with free lessons, reference photos, an online dictionary, and discussion of topics such as health and safety. Administered by Celeste McCall, Tami Durbin and Cherryl Meggs; formerly called Chatty Teachers and Artists.   
Added Jul 2008  - Last review 9 May 2015
Arte da Vivere  (Sonia Ambrosi. Bellagio, Italy)
Includes china painting, with sample galleries.    In English & Italian.
Added Apr 2007

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