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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Laboratorio artigiano "Il Glicine"  (Tina Bizzarro. Rome, Italy)
Offering painted wares in traditional styles.    In Italian.
Added Nov 2009
Lady Lever Art Gallery  (Port Sunlight Village, England, United Kingdom)
Exhibits include 'a magnificent Wedgwood collection and Chinese ceramics', chiefly Kangx blue-and-white and enamelled porcelains. Initial page in various languages.
Locate images by searching, eg. Under Wedgwood, jasperware, etc. Some Gallery information and images also at   
Added Sep 2001  - Last review 20 Apr 2008
Ladybird China Painting Group  (Saint Ives, England, United Kingdom)
A club "mainly from the East Anglian region" whose site displays programmes and images, and includes a catalogue from Shirley Berrow's Claremont Ceramics.   
Added Oct 2008
Las Vegas Porcelain Art Guild  (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)
About the Guild, its office bearers and activities.   
Added Mar 2018
Laura Zindel Design  (Laura Zindel & Thorsten Lauterbach. Guilford, Vermont, United States)
This studio, a collaboration of Laura and her husband Thorsten, creates fine ceramics, dinner- and giftware bearing Laura's printed, nature-inspired designs. Some wares are handmade in the studio, whilst dinnerware is brought in and finished onsite. Read about the artist, enjoy her designs, or find a listed retailer.   
Added Aug 2011
Laure Selignac  (Paris, France)
One of the 'oldest Parisian workshops', specialising in Limoges porcelain and gold relief. View the hand painting process, and browse or buy online; wares can be personalised.    In French.   
Added Aug 2001  - Last review 28 Oct 2007
Laurence BĂ©langer - Peinture sur porcelaine  (Nevers, France)
Paintings, porcelain and jewellery from an artist interested in faux surfaces, trompe l'oeil and especially banded designs; ask about special orders or workshops.    In French.
Added Jun 2012  - Last review 15 Oct 2018
Lazur  (Marianne Jonsson. Alsonderup, Denmark)
Classes, consultancy, hand painted tiles and porcelain from a former Flora Danica artist. Visits by appointment.    In Danish.
Added Jul 2009
Le Artigiane  (Rome, Italy)
Online shop with handmade products, including china painting.    In English & Italian.
Added Sep 2002  - Last review 30 Apr 2005
Le blog de josy-porcelaine  (Josiane Testard. Barberier, France)
Added Jun 2015

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