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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
L'Atelier de la Porcelaine  (Marie Maloux. Paris, France)
This studio artist works and teaches in a variety of styles. View her work - and her students' - plus many designs for custom orders; the latter includes earthenware tiles.
There is also a blog.    In French.
Added Nov 2017
L'Atelier de Leandre  (Evelyne Nersessiau. Le Cause, France)
Painted wares, signed and numbered, from an artist experienced in techniques such as gold relief. View selected works, check for stockists, or visit her online shop.    In French.
Added Apr 2012
L'ATELIER DE PEINTURE SUR PORCELAINE  (Nacir Vanden Avont. Brussels, Belgium)
Admire online displays ranging from jewellery and decorative items to dinnerware.    In French.
Added Sep 2010
L'atelier de peinture sur porcelaine de Jup  (Vailly-sur-Aisne, France)
Enjoy the "galerie photos"; lessons and seminars available.    In French.    In French.
Added Aug 2006  - Last review 12 Oct 2009
L'atelier de Stephanie  (Stephanie Henao. Paris, France)
Purchase studies of the artist's varied works, in digital or printed form; some kits (selected paints and brushes) may also be available.    In French.
Added Jun 2013
L'Atelier des Arts  (Shirine Saleh. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
Arts and crafts supplies include porcelain painting products such as paints and lustres, accessories, kilns and books. Lessons available.   
Added Oct 2014
l'atelier des cigales romans  (Annik Tarrey. Romans-sur-Isere, France)
An artist's gallery, CV and teaching schedule (includes classes in Paris); inquire about her studies.    In French.
Added Mar 2012  - Last review 2 Jun 2013
L'Atelier du Jas  (Chantal Charvin. Frejus, France)
Buy the artist's painted wares, or contact for full details (plus available supplies). Studio seminars may feature guest artists.    In English & French.
Added Dec 2011
L'Atelier du Prieure  (Florence Heral. La Roche sur Foron, France)
Artist teaching drawing and painting in a number of media, including calligraphy, watercolour and porcelain painting. More work is shown in her blog.    In French.
Added Sep 2011
L'Atelier du Vénéré  (Florence de Beaudrap. Gazeran, France)
This artist's hand painted wares often feature locally-inspired hunting themes. Inquire about classes, or commission bespoke items.    In French.
Added Mar 2017

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