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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Jewelry NF By Nelia Ferreira  (Nelia's Portrait Art Studio. Valencia, Venezuela)
This site shows the artist painting or displaying her colourful porcelain jewelry. Most pieces feature portraits or facial features; some are wire wrapped. Inquire about her portrait seminars, or view her CV and other works here. A Facebook site also lists some supplies.    In Spanish.
Added Jun 2015
JHillman Commission Artist  (Julia Hillman. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States)
Works in a variety of media; china painting may include Limoges boxes, murals, special occasion plates, etc. Inquire about lessons.   
Added Oct 2014
JIESIA  (Kaunas, Lithuania)
This manufactory is the only one producing bone china in the Baltics. They welcome bespoke orders, and most of their products are handmade and decorated manually.    In Lithuanian.
Added Feb 2003  - Last review 18 Feb 2018
Jill Varga  (Jillian Varga. Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
Includes images of the artist's handmade porcelain jewellery and china painting.   
Added Jul 2013
jillepainter  (Jill Egan. England, United Kingdom)
YouTube videos include glass and china painting techniques, such as watercolour effects with china paints.   
Added May 2012
Jo Ann Pace  (Pensacola, Florida, United States)
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 23 Feb 2008
JOANNA BURCH FINE ART  (San Marcos, Texas, United States)
Artist, teacher and muralist working in oils, watercolors and porcelain.   
Added Jun 2013  - Last review 18 Feb 2018
JOHANNA DE MAINE  (Landsborough, Queensland, Australia)
Browse pieces from an experienced potter who specialises in overglaze decoration, using lustres, raised enamels and techniques such as sandblasting. The site also includes an extensive CV; news and workshop details; and texts such as a Churchill Fellowship report on workplace health and safety issues for hand painted wares.
Johanna establised the DeMaine Pottery Studio Gallery in partnership with her husband in 1975.   
Added Aug 2008
Johnella (Johnny) McGuire  (Michigan, United States)
Teaches stained glass and glass fusing; painting includes thin porcelain tiles.   
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 27 Nov 2006
jole000  (Joan Nash. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Images, mainly of china painting by Jole.   
Added Feb 2007  - Last review 3 Aug 2008

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