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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Ita-Suomen Posliininmaalaajat ry  (Finland)
Details about this Eastern Finland association and its activities.    In Finnish.
Added Sep 2011
An annual, international exhibition and competition for porcelain or ceramic artists, with demonstrations and sales; site includes images from previous shows. Promoter: La Bottega delle ceramiche.    In English, French & Italian.
Added May 2015  - Last review 30 May 2016
Iznik Ceramics - Contemporary Ceramics - Danielle Adjoubel  (Atelier de la Sultane. London, England, United Kingdom)
This artist works with earthenware, china or porcelain, using underglaze, majolica and china painting techniques on wares ranging from wall panels to tableware and decorative objects. She teaches and exhibits new collections in London and Paris.    In English & French.
Added Jun 2011
Jacques Pergay  (Limoges, France)
This company makes furniture and lighting, and their porcelain manufactory produces handmade designs by Jacques and Aurelie Pergay. These range from tableware, boxes and figurines, often in a range of colours, to porcelain inserts used in their furniture; the latter can also be customized.    In English & French.
Added Aug 2013
Jada's Designs  (Jada Guinn. Montgomery, Texas, United States)
Teacher offering wire wrapped miniatures, portraits, custom tiles and sinks, and some glass work.   
Added Oct 2009  - Last review 26 Feb 2012
Jan Savage Art  (Mountain Home, Idaho, United States)
Showcases the artist's rabbit paintings.   
Added Jul 2014  - Last review 9 Apr 2017
JANE BOWEN STUDIO  (Crawford, Georgia, United States)
Teaches a 'controlled stroke' painting; book and studies available, plus some private label paints.   
Added Dec 2000  - Last review 23 Apr 2005
Jane Bowen Studio  (Crawford, Georgia, United States)
Browse the artist's CV, portfolio and seminar topics, or inquire about books, studies and paints.   
Added Mar 2007
Jane Marcks Art  (Amarillo, Texas, United States)
This artist, now retired, is selling her remaining supplies. Check her site for further details.   
Added Apr 2016  - Last review 15 Oct 2017
Jane's China Gallery  (Jane Hudson. Athens, Alabama, United States)
Image galleries.   
Added Sep 2002  - Last review 3 Apr 2007

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