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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Hazel Pretzer  (Apple Valley, California, United States)
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 13 Apr 2010
Heart of England China Painters  (England, United Kingdom)
Details about the club, its activities and office bearers, plus an image gallery and listed exhibitions.
Meetings at Shenstone, Staffordshire; weekly classes here and nearby.   
Added May 2014
Heather Tailor Porcelain Artist  (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Site shows the artist's current work and exhibitions.   
Added Sep 2009
Heilige Birmas von der Rosenterrasse  (Simone & Michael Herzog. Eggenfelden, Germany)
These owners commissioned porcelain artist Sonja Beuthner to paint a tile mural featuring Birman cats and roses, symbols of their cattery. See the mural and painting instructions on the Katzenkunst (or Cats Art) pages.    In English & German.
Added Jul 2013
HELD OF HARROGATE  (Harrogate, England, United Kingdom)
Mail order supplies ranging from paints and brushes, books and studies, through to decals and whiteware. Check with the Held Studio for courses, decal printing, and 'commissions and commemorative items'.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 10 Jul 2008
Helen Humes Studio of Porcelain Art  (California, United States)
Brushes plus books, videos and numerous studies by Helen; with images. Now owned by Handwerker Porcelain.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 20 May 2007
HELEN REUTER - Porzellanmalerei  (Bergheim, Germany)
Browse painted wares with nature-inspired designs, or commission special pieces including tiles, mirror frames, etc.    In German.
Added Jun 2014
Herend  (Martin's Herend Imports, Inc. Sterling, Virginia, United States)
Martin's distributes Herend ware in the U.S. Their site displays a large range of wares; lists news, events and retailers; and gives details about the Herend Guild, a collectors society offering limited editions, special figurines, etc.   
Added Jan 2002  - Last review 23 Sep 2009
Herend  (Herend, Hungary)
Portal site for the Manufactory; Porcelanium (visitor centre); Museum and Herend herald (magazine).
See porcelain being made in the Visitors' Centre 'mini-factory', then buy at their shop. Guided tours include a multi-language film (also available online), with open-air entertainment in the Porcelanium square.
The Manufactory lists information and activities, plus shops and retailers worldwide. Products pages display handmade porcelain, patterns and brief artists' details. It also issues the quarterly Herend herald, a magazine about the company, its activities and products. It is available online or by subscription, with back issues online.
The Muzeum Herend, in the original Herend factory, has over 10,000 items plus many archival records. Read about the displays, or take a virtual tour (includes some images); guided tours are by arrangement.    In English, German & Hungarian.
Added Feb 2001  - Last review 9 Oct 2005
hering berlin  (Stefanie Hering-Berlin GmbH. Berlin, Germany)
This company's well-designed wares range from porcelain tableware to glasses, lamps and table textiles. The porcelain is hand-made and dishwasher-safe, with simple yet elegant decoration. Retailers are listed, and factory seconds sell via Reichenbach's factory outlet.    In English & German.
Added Jul 2015

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