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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Ge & Ge Kilns  (Monbulk, Victoria, Australia)
Selling pottery, glass and custom-made kilns. This manufacturer also offer repairs, rentals and second-hand equipment.   
Added Nov 2008
Georgia de Moraes  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
From the menu chose Galeria, then Porcelanas.    In Portuguese.
Added Aug 2002  - Last review 4 Mar 2005
Getty  (Los Angeles, California, United States)
About the Trust, its resources and programs, such as the Research Institute and J. Paul Getty Museum. Locate items with explore or search; for instance, many images of the Museum's European porcelain collection, with accompanying text.   
Added Jun 2002
GIGER  (Giger Verlag. Altendorf, Switzerland)
Published artists include Peter Faust.    In German.
Added Jul 2006
Gingi Design  (Carolin von Wendorff. Oehringen, Germany)
Custom designs on ashtrays, vases etc.    In German.
Added Apr 2010
GIRARD S.A.S.  (Seclin, France)
Products include 'toute la porcelaine blanche' suitable for painting; free catalogue on request.    In French.
Added Apr 2001  - Last review 11 Apr 2005
Gladstone Pottery Museum  (Longton, England, United Kingdom)
A working museum with original workshops and bottle kilns. Demonstrations and activities include pottery and painting, tours and workshops.   
Added May 2001  - Last review 4 May 2008
Glas- und Porzellanmalerei Schneider  (Heinz Schneider. Ranis, Germany)
This ex-Meissen and Volkstedt factory artist, whose signature-piece is the ginko (ginkgo), offers studio visits, custom designs and work such as landscapes, Indian painting, Watteaumalerei, heraldry and miniatures (especially thimbles).    In German.
Added Oct 2006  - Last review 18 Aug 2013
Gloria Ann McCarthy  (Gloria Ann McCarthy. Daly City, California, United States)
Translucent porcelain, bisque or glazed, plus supplies such as matt paints, crystals and Willoughby's enamels; some images.   
Added Oct 2005  - Last review 20 Dec 2014
Gold Coast China  (Sandra & Michael De Leacy. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)
Offering a comprehensive range of supplies, from books and accessories to brushes and paints.   
Added Mar 2009  - Last review 19 Feb 2018

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