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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Freddi's China Closet  (Freddi Kay. Culver City, California, United States)
Supplier with a large range of whiteware (blanks) and paints, plus selected items such as brushes and clock movements.   
Added Oct 2008  - Last review 29 Sep 2016
From Abroad  (Mission Hills Trading Group. Sebastopol, California, United States)
From 'About the artists', select Carola Gansslen to see this Stuttgart artist's pottery and onglaze work.   
Added Oct 2002  - Last review 30 Apr 2007
Furnace Engineering  (Pokeno, New Zealand)
Front loading kilns, including ones for china painting, glass and jewellery; also kiln elements and repairs.   
Added Apr 2001  - Last review 3 May 2008
Furnace Technologies  (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Manufactures kilns, including ones for china painting, glass slumping, etc.   
Added Mar 2005
Fürstenberg  (Fürstenberg, Germany)
Tableware, figurines and gift items are still partially made and painted by hand, and shown online; commissions accepted. Check for details of exhibitions, china painting classes, etc. in the Schloss Fürstenberg, site of the original manufactory; the complex also has a factory shop. The Museum im Schloss holds three centuries of Fürstenberg porcelain.    In English & German.
Added Dec 2017  - Last review 16 Sep 2005
G Canero  (Graciela Canero. Argentina)
Browse this teacher's CV and albums showcasing her porcelain and sumi-e.    In English & Spanish.
Added Jun 2012
GA Seminars by the Sea  (Tybee Island, Georgia, United States)
Annual porcelain arts school sponsored by the Georgia WOCP.   
Added Oct 2007  - Last review 14 Feb 2009
Gabriela Zucar  (Ramos Mejia, Argentina)
Artist working in a range of media, and teaching china painting at her studio and the Conservatorio Grassi. View her work, and her students', plus short articles on mediums, etc.    In Spanish.
Added May 2012
Gaby Wandscher  (Gaby Wandscher. Idar-Oberstein, Germany)
This qualified goldsmith also studied porcelain jewellery "in co-operation" with Meissen. She now offers porcelain pendants, 3D in shape, combined with pearls or gemstones.    In English & German.
Added Mar 2016
Galerie de Stephanie Henao  (Paris, France)
Image galleries of the artist's works, arranged by style.    In French.
Added Jun 2013

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