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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
FHP: Fegg Hayes Pottery Limited  (Tunstall, England, United Kingdom)
Large whiteware wholesaler also making decorated ware and commissioned designs.   
Added Aug 2001  - Last review 30 May 2015
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco  (California, United States)
The Legion of Honor museum, Lincoln Park, includes 220 pieces of English and French porcelain in the Bowles Collection. Tour in person or use their extensive ImageBase (82,000+ objects) and virtual gallery.   
Added Jun 2008
Fine Porcelain  (Martin Larivière. Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada)
A teacher's gallery of selected images.   
Added Mar 2018
A free forum for "all things kiln fired", including overglaze decoration. Browse as a guest or join to post topics, use the chatroom, etc.
Administrator Scot Mauldin (Wild Plum Gallery), Moderator Christine Bennetts.   
Added May 2011
Fired Art Australia  (Revesby, New South Wales, Australia)
Australian distributors of Precious Metal Clay, Evenheat Kilns and specialty ceramic products, with some china painting supplies.   
Added Oct 2016
FIRED-ON IMAGES  (Terrie Banhazl. Wayland, Massachusetts, United States)
Create decals with a laser printer and Fired-On transfer paper; view examples, online instructions and listed distributors.   
Added Mar 2012  - Last review 28 Apr 2016
Fletcher Farm School FOR THE ARTS AND CRAFTS  (Ludlow, Vermont, United States)
The Society of Vermont Craftsmen runs the School, which may include china, glass and silk painting; it also boards students.   
Added Apr 2002  - Last review 21 May 2007
Fleur d'Huytesa  (Florence Doumenc Roca. Tokyo, Japan)
Florence, aka Fleur, is a French artist and jewelry designer based in Japan. Her painting shows an interest in Japanese ceramics; she also teaches and accepts commissions.    In various languages.
Added Mar 2016
Fleur de Kaolin  (Alix de Latour-Lasserre. Paris, France)
Offering painted wares, supplies and lessons, plus seminars with a factory artist.    In English & French.
Added Oct 2006  - Last review 22 Oct 2014
Fleur de Porcelaine  (Maryline Demorgny. Boulogne-Billancourt, France)
Site includes details of activities, classes, studio resources and supplies, plus painted wares. Commissions accepted.    In French.
Added Feb 2017

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