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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
et votre Vaisselle sera Unique!  (Jacqueline Serdet. Vence, France)
Hand-painted and commissioned wares range from napkin holders to tiles and lamps.    In English & French.
Added Sep 2012
Etchall  (B & B Etching Products. Peoria, Arizona, United States)
Etchall, Gold-off and products such as resists, with some instructions for their use.   
Added Aug 2002
Ets Matou  (Limoges, France)
'All kinds of transfers' (examples shown), with a description of their design and printing.    In English & French.
Added Jun 2002
Euclid's Elements and Euclid Kilns  (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)
Kilnmakers also selling vents, controllers, etc., plus elements 'for kilns by 93 different manufacturers.' Resources include online manuals and a repair service directory.   
Added Apr 2004
Evelyn's China Designs  (Evelyn Akers. Wimauma, Florida, United States)
Browse displays of custom designs, raised gold paste and tile murals, or inquire about seminars.   
Added Nov 2009
Evelyne Hilairet  (Savigny-Levescault, France)
Presenting the artist's CV, booklets and studies; classes and activities; image galleries with prize-winning works; plus a blog.    In French.
Added May 2015
EVENHEAT KILN, INC.  (Caseville, Michigan, United States)
Wide range of kilns, including miniature and china painting kilns (images shown); also furniture, controllers and vent systems. Some manuals and technical notes available online.   
Added Feb 2001
EVERSON MUSEUM OF ART  (Syracuse, New York, United States)
The Museum has one of the largest collections of ceramics in the world, and the largest collection of works by Adelaide Alsop-Robineau (1865-1929). This studio potter, initially a china painter, was known for her 'exquisite porcelains decorated with intricate carvings and crystalline glazes'. She became a major figure in the Arts and Crafts movement and edited the influential magazine Keramic Studio.
The Museum's 2006 Robineau exhibition featured approximately 100 of her works; the June 2016 one more than 70, including her famous Scarab Vase.   
Added Apr 2016  - Last review 8 May 2017
Fabienne porcelaines  (Fabienne Tete. Meaudre, France)
Offering a range of designs influenced by primitive, Aboriginal and African art.    In French.
Added Nov 2011
Faszination Porzellanmalerei  (Antje Ruf. Pforzheim, Germany)
Artist offering a range of modern designs, personalized giftware, and an annual Open House.    In German.
Added Aug 2011

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