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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Edith Helmcken's Hand-Painted Ceramics  
Marla Stevenson writes about china painting by "Dolly" Helmcken,1862-1939, based on a small collection held by Helmcken House
in: British Columbia Historical News. Vol. 35, no. 4 (Fall 2002) p. 9-11.   
Added May 2011  - Last review 7 Dec 2015
edition ars porcellana  (Andrea Hoelzl Verlag. Munich, Germany)
A publisher of well-illustrated porcelain painting books. Later titles appear in German/English/French.    In English & German.
Added Sep 2006  - Last review 28 Apr 2015
Edna Kannan  (Barcelona, Spain)
An image-rich site from a Spanish-Mexican artist and teacher specializing in painting 'faces of different cultures'. Her work is based on Egyptian, Indian, Oriental and Art Nouveau themes and incorporates texturing, precious metals and gemstones.    In English & Spanish.
Added Jun 2011
Edna Kannan  (Barcelona, Spain)
Blog with artist's images and biographical notes.    In Spanish.
Added Aug 2009
EDUARDO ANTONIO REIS  (Joinville, Brazil)
View selected works by this landscape artist, or inquire about DVDs, classes and seminars.    In Portuguese.
Added May 2008
Edythe Talley  (Odessa, Texas, United States)
Works by this artist (now deceased) include several pieces now in the WOCP Museum.   
Added Jan 2005  - Last review 10 Nov 2010
"Porcelain Miniature on White Gold." Extracts from the Spring 2004 issue of Egypt magazine (found under SIS publications) discuss the 2nd World Exhibition for Art on Porcelain, arranged by Dr. Samia Zada L├╝tjens (of the International Organisation for Painting on Porcelain) in Cairo, Dec. 2003.   
Added Mar 2007
Elaine's Studio  (Elaine Beard. Muscle Shoals, Alabama, United States)
Specializes in portraits; also teaches.   
Added Oct 2008
Elements of Light  (Jill Cooter & Teresa Mill. Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
Porcelain beads, runes, etc. made and painted by Jill Cooter, with jewellery assembled by Teresa Mill.   
Added Jun 2011  - Last review 26 Sep 2012
Elena  (Elena Korkis. San Martino Canavese, Italy)
Elena ("Gaby") presents her fabric, glass and ceramic painting; names her teachers; and introduces her painting group.    In Italian.
Added Jun 2012

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