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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Debbie Claussen Art  (Alameda, California, United States)
Artist and teacher specialising in custom animal portraits.   
Added Jan 2003  - Last review 13 Sep 2005
DEC'Ozen  (Henriette d'Hausen. Paris, France)
Artist and teacher specializing in 'les arts de la table', with lead-free paints.    In French.
Added Jun 2011  - Last review 3 Dec 2017
A Norwegian-produced magazine (formerly Porselensmaling, then Malegleder) covering glass, ceramics, porcelain, etc.; English pages available. Subscribe or shop online for books and studies.    In Norwegian.
Added Feb 2008
DECOR2M  (Sylvie Hermier. Lyon, France)
Shop and teaching studio named for artist Monique Montu, selling china painting and supplies.    In French.
Added Feb 2004  - Last review 25 Mar 2006
Decorative Tile, Hand Painted Tile …  (Armenian Ceramics-Balian. Jerusalem, Israel)
'By the Balians of Jerusalem since 1922.' Authentic Armenian, hand painted designs from a family brought originally from Turkey to renovate tiles in The Dome of the Rock. Read reviews of their pottery, custom murals, and tiles with onglaze decorations.   
Added Nov 2003  - Last review 30 Sep 2016
Dee's Place  (Doris Coghill. Jordan, Minnesota, United States)
Bead supplier with a small range of hand-poured porcelain cameos.   
Added Mar 2001  - Last review 25 Feb 2008
DENISDUTTON.COM  (Denis Dutton. Christchurch, New Zealand)
Essays and articles from a philosopher who writes on aesthetics; read his views on the difference between art and craft.   
Added Aug 2006  - Last review 12 Oct 2009
Deniz Demiral Dogan  (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
Browse the galleries, or check for classes in a range of styles; some supplies available (whiteware, etc.)    In German.
Added Oct 2007
Derby Museum and Art Gallery  (Derby, England, United Kingdom)
Basic details about the Museum whose Ceramics Gallery houses a "world-famous" collection of Derby porcelain. Visitors may book guided tours.   
Added Feb 2005  - Last review 8 Apr 2007
Design - Studio Sylvana  (Sylvana von Ende. Schmiedefeld, Germany)
This artist and teacher works in several media. Her porcelain (some handmade) includes jewellery; tableware and decorative items; art objects; and miniature bisque dolls and animals. The latter follow Thuringian tradition in having movable limbs. Commissions invited.    In German.
Added Jun 2014

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