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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
corinnasiu  (Corinna Siu. Hong Kong, China)
Added Sep 2005  - Last review 9 May 2008
Cosmo China  (London, England, United Kingdom)
An artists' collective offering bespoke, hand-decorated bone china from shops in Bloomsbury and Canterbury; see their blog and sample pages.   
Added Sep 2010
COULEURS & RELIEFS  (Veronique Lalauze. Anstaing, France)
Supplies range from paints and brushes to easels and kilns; inquire about classes.    In French.
Added Aug 2016
Country Porcelain Artists  (Hamburg, New York, United States)
This site, about the Club and its activities, also includes details about the New York State Organization (NYSWOCP).   
Added Jun 2015
Cours de Peinture sur Porcelaine  (Association Socio-Educative et Culturelle. Le Bouscat, France)
ASEC class details, with images.    In French.
Added May 2010
Cours de peinture sur porcelaine - Versailles  (Caroline Dumuys-Babian. Versailles, France)
Learn from a teacher and botanical watercolorist, interested Meissen and KPM floral motifs. View her work, students' galleries and online blog.    In French.
Added Nov 2018
Cracko'Art  (Caroline Voland. Carouge, Switzerland)
View the artist's bold designs, published articles and studies; or inquire about custom orders, lessons and supplies. The studio also offers a firing service.    In French.
Added Mar 2016
Craftek Pty Ltd Kilns and Furnaces  (Mentone, Victoria, Australia)
Craftek make front loading kilns for china painting, enamelling and glass decorating.   
Added Mar 2001  - Last review 23 Oct 2008
Cre-Art  (Karin Bachmann. Kuenten, Switzerland)
View image galleries or enroll for classes, seminars and a newsletter; some supplies shown.    In German.
Added Aug 2005
Creaporcelaine  (Mireille Valery. Masleon, France)
Specialising in modern designs on jewellery and Limoges porcelain. Browse or ask about lessons, studio visits and custom orders.    In French.
Added Jul 2014

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