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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Christine Brandst├Ątter  (Munich, Germany)
This artist works in various media and teaches porcelain painting locally.    In German.
Added Feb 2017
Christine Porcelaine  (Christine Moiroud. Estrablin, France)
Featuring the artist's work and teaching studio, plus jewellery for sale.    In English & French.
Added Jun 2006  - Last review 4 Mar 2007
Christopher Hughes  (Worcester, England, United Kingdom)
View hand painted bone china by an ex-Royal Worcester artist also working extensively in watercolours and oils.   
Added Oct 2008  - Last review 26 Feb 2012
Cidinha Porcelanas  (Cidinha Caetano. Santos, Brazil)
View the artist's CV and work online, or inquire about tableware, special occasion pieces, miniatures and tile panels. Classes also available.    In Portuguese.
Added Feb 2017
Cindy Durant  (Durant Glass. Penong, South Australia, Australia)
View 'kiln formed glass & jewellery' or inquire about Paragon kilns.   
Added Dec 2007  - Last review 19 Dec 2014
Clair de Lune  (Tatiana Dallest-Agoritsas. Geneva, Switzerland)
This boutique and studio offers painted wares, classes, seminars and supplies, plus books co-authored by Tatiana and Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux. View the artist's CV, galleries, videos and online catalogue.    In English & French.
Added Mar 2012
Clarin Acres Studio  (Maryann Clarin. Piedmont, South Dakota, United States)
Includes Studio work, books and patterns, glass lamps and 'hard to find' supplies.   
Added Apr 2002  - Last review 25 Nov 2009
ClausArt  (Claus Sundqvist. Espoo, Finland)
Several image galleries.   
Added Mar 2008  - Last review 10 Mar 2011
CLIFTON PARK AND MUSEUM  (Rotherham, England, United Kingdom)
Visit the Museum, in Clifton House, to see "the best public collection of Rockingham pottery anywhere". The Gallery's Rhinoceros Vase, dating from 1826, stands 1.15m high and is a prized exhibit.   
Added Jul 2015
Coastal Bend College. Visual Arts Division  (Beeville, Texas, United States)
Workshops include the annual CBC Porcelain Art Seminar, with artists-in-residence or guest artists, coordinated by Shirley Kibler.   
Added Jan 2001  - Last review 15 Mar 2008

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