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China Painting Class  
'Teacher demonstrates a fine point in china painting ...' b&w image from the New Deal period of U.S. history.   
Added Apr 2001  - Last review 18 Sep 2006
China Painting in a Time Capsule: A Visit to Millie Jones' Studio  (San Juan Capistrano, California, United States)
Story by Donna L. Friess about her teacher Millie Jones, of Porcelain Art Creations (from The China Decorator, May 1988).   
Added Feb 2006  - Last review 28 Apr 2016
China Painting with Sue Goodison  (Coach House Studio. Church Brough, England, United Kingdom)
China painter and teacher, available for talks.   
Added Mar 2007  - Last review 25 Nov 2009
Chinapainter1  (Susan Spohr. Burbank, California, United States)
Browse a range of wares by this artist and teacher, or buy from her linked store; custom orders invited.   
Added Jun 2013
Chinapainter1  (Susan Spohr. Burbank, California, United States)
Site selling a range of wares, from jewelry and small boxes to platters and servers.   
Added Feb 2013  (Chirag Mehta. Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States)
Blog that includes some artwork and a useful color wheel.   
Added Mar 2016  - Last review 30 Nov 2017
CHISPITA EN COLORES  (Beatriz Silvia Nave. Santa Fe, Argentina)
Blog, with images. Inquire about classes and studio supplies.    In Spanish.
Added Jun 2015
CHRISTIANE VON TRAPP  (Volders, Austria)
Collections may include seasonal special editions, or items such as the Starflowers line (with crystals added by the Reichenbach manufactory). Buy online, or commission a bespoke piece.
The Atelier is situated in Friedberg castle.   
Added Feb 2017
Christine Brandst├Ątter  (Munich, Germany)
This artist works in various media and teaches porcelain painting locally.    In German.
Added Feb 2017
Christine Porcelaine  (Christine Moiroud. Estrablin, France)
Featuring the artist's work and teaching studio, plus jewellery for sale.    In English & French.
Added Jun 2006  - Last review 4 Mar 2007

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