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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
CALOUNDRA ARTS CENTRE ASSOCIATION  (Caloundra, Queensland, Australia)
Read about C.A.C.A., its activities and membership groups, such as the Porcelain Painters.   
Added Oct 2016
CameraJim's eBay Photography Blog  (Jim Salvas. West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States)
An "extension" of the author's guides to eBay photography.   
Added Feb 2007  - Last review 12 Oct 2009
Camille Muller Studio  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Includes the artist's CV, galleries and china painting; events lists; and supplies catalogue (with studies).   
Added Oct 2007
Campana Art Company  (Nancy Crites. Pampa, Texas, United States)
D.M. Campana, author of over fifty art teaching books, founded this Company at the turn of the 20th century. Read about the company or order supplies ranging from brushes and paints to kilns, fine art reproductions, studies and books. Campana also holds an annual Porcelain Art School at Amarillo.
Readers can also access the text of Campana's The Teacher of China Painting here on The Internet Archive.   
Added Mar 2016
The Museum houses around 4 million artefacts, with some 218,000 accessible online. Use menus or Search to find items such as the Vachon Collection (featuring Canadian heraldry), 19th-century pottery and porcelain, and ceramics in the Treasures Gallery.
Don't miss the archived section on the 1897 Canadian Historical Dinner Service, painted by members of the Women's Art Association of Canada. It includes details about the artists, plus images of each unique piece; the service itself is housed in Haddo House, Scotland.    In French.
Added Feb 2017  - Last review 23 Apr 2017
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Search the Artist Database (by media) for information about Canadian china painters "born before 1925". The gallery also includes two images of works by Edith Carr and Alice M. Egan (commonly referred to as Alice Hagan).    In English & French.
Added Oct 2008
carmen munoz hand painted  (Madrid, Spain)
This shop sells supplies and a range of wares, painted to order or from in-house designs (shown online).
Carmen and daughter Gabriela Aritio both teach in the associated School.    In Spanish.
Added Mar 2011
Carol Young  (Roseburg, Oregon, United States)
Includes china painting.   
Added Feb 2002  - Last review 7 Aug 2005
carolina leon firrell  (Levallois-Perret, France)
Studio specialising in slightly whimsical, penned designs; all pieces are signed and can be customized. Her blog also lists her latest news, fairs and exhibitions, and retail outlets.    In French.
Added Dec 2011
Castellarquatocreazioni. Aurelia Pallastrelli  (Castell'Arquato, Italy)
Potter whose works include porcelain painting.    In Italian.
Added Feb 2010

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