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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Beardsley Porcelain Painters  (Sun City West, Arizona, United States)
Added Nov 2002  - Last review 1 Nov 2007
Beatrice Delacretaz  (Rosanna, Victoria, Australia)
View image galleries, arranged by style, from an artist who teaches the Nyon style.   
Added Apr 2012
Beatriz Ramirez  (Miami, Florida, United States)
Brief information about the artist, with selected images of her colourful work.   
Added Sep 2012
BEAUTIFUL LITHOPHANES FROM BISQUE BARN  (Betty Saiani. Paradise, California, United States)
Supplying lithophane night lights, lamps and stands, and candle cups; some colored.   
Added Nov 2000  - Last review 11 Jun 2013
Bella Época  (Angela Scavazza. Batatais, Brazil)
Blog, mainly showing the artist's china painting.    In Portuguese.
Added Mar 2012
Belleek Pottery Ltd.  (Belleek, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
Producers of 'fine parian china', including basketware. View these products online, or read about the company, its marks and collector's society. Guided Pottery tours show visitors everything from mould making to hand decoration, while the Visitor Centre offers a museum, tearoom, theatre and showroom. The latter holds the complete Belleek range, including collectables. Belleek now owns Aynsley and Donegal Parian China.   
Added Oct 2003  - Last review 10 Dec 2007
Bemorporce  (Aveiro, Portugal)
Manufacturer showing a large range of white porcelain, both "utilitarian and decorative".    In English & Portuguese.
Added Jan 2005  - Last review 4 May 2008
Benoist Chapel  (Ateleier Helene et Benoist. Nice, France)
Various classes include porcelain painting, sgraffito and portraits.
In 2007 Chapel and Helene Caputo founded the Academie Internationale de peinture de Nice. Courses there include porcelain painting seminars with international teachers specializing in modern techniques. The school also provides accommodation, local art tours, etc.    In English, French & Italian.
Added May 2010
Benvenuti nel sito di Silvia e Daniela = Welcome to Silvia and Daniela Website  (Silvia Filippi & Daniela Caruso. Rome, Italy)
China painting, lessons, firing and supplies (whiteware) at Atelier 'La Porcellana'.   
Added Sep 2002  - Last review 27 Mar 2011
Bernardaud  (Limoges, France)
Includes brochures and products such as dinnerware, lithophanes and jewellery, with views from their Paris and New York stores. Their Paris tea salon holds lectures and children's lessons, while the Museum features guided tours of the original factory, with demonstrations. The online tour includes some 'hand painting' information and panoramas.    In English & French.
Added Feb 2002  - Last review 3 Nov 2002

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