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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Atelier Porcelana  (Ximena Salazar Zepeda. Valparaiso, Chile)
View the artist's works, plus that of her pupils; purchase supplies and painted wares; or inquire about additional seminars in Vina del Mar and Santiago.    In Spanish.
Added Mar 2016
Atelier Porselen Istanbul  (Hulya Ayangil. Istanbul, Turkey)
Porcelain painting from the atelier.    In Turkish.
Added Apr 2012
Atelier VARDI  (Vivianne Hardy. Limal, Belgium)
This artist and restorer works in a range of techniques, and makes some of her own pieces. Inquire about classes and workshops; browse, buy or commission items such as jewellery, portraits, murals and photophores (candle holders); or visit her studio in person.    In French.
Added May 2015
Atelier3MA  (Le Pian-Medoc, France)
Works, including landscapes, by an artist specialising in Limoges.    In English & French.
Added Sep 2009
Atelier714  (Marie-Pascale Dedet. Montpellier, France)
Teacher's blog, with images.    In French.
Added Jan 2011
Atkinson-Jones Ceramics  (Caroline & Stephen Atkinson-Jones. Bexhill-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom)
Fine lustreware from ceramic designers represented in various Museums and private collections. Browse their profile and notes; check for exhibitons and venues; or purchase lustres on their other site.   
Added Feb 2008  - Last review 8 May 2017
Atkinson-Jones: Precious Metal Lustres  (Caroline & Stephen Atkinson-Jones. Bexhill-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom)
These ceramic artists make and sell lustres. See their technical advice and health and safety information, or view their work on their other site.   
Added May 2014  - Last review 8 May 2017
atolye KOLAJ  (Tulin Deveci. Istanbul, Turkey)
Galleries of work in various media, including china painting; class details listed.    In English & Turkish.
Added Nov 2007
Atolye Turel  (Hulya Ayangil & Turel Ucuk. Istanbul, Turkey)
Studio producing painted nacre, glass, and porcelain with classical Turkish designs and flower motifs. Inquire about custom work, lessons and exhibitions.
Hulya also resides in Madison, Wisconsin.   
Added Sep 2009
au Bijou  (Ruth Buehler-Zweifel. Uster, Switzerland)
Courses at Au Bijou de la Porcelaine with teachers Ruth Buehler-Zweifel and guest artists. Site includes biographies and images; brief details of supplies (whiteware, glass, etc.); plus illustrated pages about Herend, Dresden and Meissen, including displays and tours.    In various languages.
Added Apr 2001  - Last review 19 Jan 2012

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