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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Atelier ISARI  (Isabelle Fromaget. Lyon, France)
View the CV, slideshows and instructions (marbling, faux lapis, etc.) from an artist specializing in modern painting styles. Classes also held in Melun.    In French.
Added Aug 2011
Atelier Jutta Endres  (Langenhagen, Germany)
View this teacher's CV and selected works in various styles; commissions accepted.    In German.
Added Jan 2005  - Last review 4 May 2008
Atelier K&K  (Katherine & Kristiane Ramos Breves. Brazil)
Displaying the artists' work (mainly portraits) and detailed CVs.    In Portuguese.
Added Aug 2013
Atelier Madeleine  (Madeleine Golay. Versoix, Switzerland)
Wares include a range painted in the Vieux-Nyon (Old Nyon) style; lessons also available.    In French & German.
Added Mar 2016
Atelier Maria Porcelain  (Chieko Koyama. Yokohama, Japan)
Browse the artist's CV and image galleries (arranged by style or subject) or inquire about classes and certification courses.    In Japanese.
Added Dec 2012
Atelier P&P  (Marijke Frank. Amerongen, Netherlands)
Studio providing a full range of supplies, classes for children and adults, and special occasion workshops.    In Dutch.
Added Oct 2009
Atelier PASCORELLE  (Pascale Chevalier. VaurĂ©al, France)
Blog with slideshow. Artist offers a newsletter, special occasion wares and restorations, plus demonstrations, courses and workshops.    In French.
Added Nov 2009
atelier peintures et porcelaines  (Evelyne Bataille. Pau, France)
Boutique offering classes and a variety of painted wares.    In French.
Added Oct 2010
Atelier Petit Rose  (Hiroko Mizuochi. Yokohama, Japan)
View the artist's works, CV and teaching qualifications, and history of porcelain painting. Some lessons also held at Mishima.    In Japanese.
Added Jul 2012
Atelier Phenix  (Martine Ramoni. Vevey, Switzerland)
View selected works by this teacher, or ask about supplies, including whiteware.    In French.
Added Jul 2013  - Last review 2 Sep 2016

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