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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Welcome to Gladys Galloway's Website  (Caro, Michigan, United States)
Read about the artist, now deceased, and see examples of her work.   
Added Mar 2003  - Last review 20 Feb 2012
Welcome to Hobby House  (Bangkok, Thailand)
Study arts and crafts, including china painting, with local and guest artists; or inquire about supplies and kilns.    In Thai.   
Added Aug 2016
Welcome to  (Diane Guinn. Melbourne, Florida, United States)
Slideshow of the artist's painted ornaments, figurines, etc. A linked sister-site sells whiteware and describes a number useful techniques.   
Added Jan 2006  - Last review 24 Jul 2011
Welcome to Rie's China Painting  (Rie Oshima. Nagoya, Japan)
View numerous images from the artist's Rose Studio, exhibition pieces by Masanobu Kitada, and a useful links page.    In English & Japanese.
Added Nov 2004  - Last review 4 May 2008
Welcome to Seaside Art Gallery  (Nags Head, North Carolina, United States)
Includes porcelain painting by Hebe Lee Wiseman, of Harper's Ferry.   
Added Oct 2009  - Last review 21 Oct 2014
Welcome to SUMI Porcelain Manufactory  (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
This privately-owned manufactory offers original wares made and painted by hand, or available "in white". Their decorative range includes laceware.    In English & Romanian.
Added Dec 2006  - Last review 22 Oct 2014
Welcome to the Art Brushes Store!  (Kolonok, Inc. Durham, North Carolina, United States)
The online retailer of Kolonok brushes from Artistic Brushes Enterprise, Russia's "oldest and largest" maker of artists' brushes. Their supplementary site has various languages.   
Added Feb 2005  - Last review 9 Oct 2005
Welcome to the Bell Collection and The Collectable Doll Company  (Cedar Hill, Texas, United States)
Doll supplies, including moulds, brushes and Bell china paints. Seminars may include china painting and lace draping.   
Added May 2008
Welcome to the Camellia City Porcelain Artists website!  (Sacramento, California, United States)
Club information with image galleries, list of local teachers, etc.   
Added Aug 2006  - Last review 1 Mar 2010
Welcome to The home of Nez's Studio  (Inez Kenison. Pioneer, California, United States)
Includes commissions and tile murals.   
Added May 2002  - Last review 25 Feb 2008

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