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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Thimbleselect of Australia  (Sue Gowan. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
The author of Thimbles of Australia lists many thimbles from Australia and around the world, some of which are hand-painted porcelain.   
Added Apr 2016
Think Global, Act Local  (Bruere-Allichamps, France)
The Detroyes Industrie site includes Porcelaines Avignon, manufacturer of technical wares, promotional porcelain, and a large range of Limoges whiteware; they also design to order. The factory allows visitors, while the shop and museum have gifts, fancy goods, tableware, etc., some from the company's early years.    In English & French.
Added Dec 2004  - Last review 25 Jul 2005
THUN Karlovarsky Porcelan  (Czech Republic)
'The largest domestic producer of utility porcelain'. The company's many independent factories make porcelain wares, transfers, and plant machinery. Their porcelain ranges from domestic and hotel wares, to traditional pink and decorative lines, plus limited-edition studio pieces featuring handcrafting. Their products are used at Prague Castle, in Moscow's Kremlin, and at many embassies and residences.
Browse their extensive online catalogs, or check for distributors. Exports are handled by Porcela Plus.    In English & Czech.
Added Jun 2006
Tile Art Ltd.  (Paddy Dugan. Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Custom hand-painted tiles and sinks.   
Added Apr 2002  - Last review 8 Jun 2014
Tile Image  (Janice Edwards. Marquette, Michigan, United States)
Range of ceramic tiles and murals, pre-painted or to order.   
Added Feb 2003
Tile Images  (Molly Hammond. Clayton, Indiana, United States)
Tile murals plus sinks, portraits, etc.   
Added Mar 2007  - Last review 18 Nov 2007
Tile Murals  (Cynthia Padilla. Dallas, Texas, United States)
"Ceramic tile & tumbled stone murals artisan." Decoration includes china painting; classes available.   
Added Feb 2007  - Last review 22 Oct 2014
Tiles by J. Kozlak  (Jane Kozlak. Simsbury, Connecticut, United States)
Handpainted tile murals, sinks, etc.   
Added May 2002  - Last review 27 Dec 2009
TintasPintas  (Maria Antonia Marcelino. Cascais, Portugal)
Blog with selected images and a detailed CV.    In Portuguese.
Added Jun 2013
Tiny Debie  (Tiny Debie- Maes. Veldhoven, Netherlands)
"Handbeschilderd porselein" in a range of styles.    In Dutch.
Added Feb 2006

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