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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW  (New South Wales, Australia)
Includes some china painters.   
Added Sep 2001  - Last review 5 Nov 2005
THE STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM  (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
The Hermitage is big: 6 buildings (including two Palaces); three million items of 'art and Russian history'; one collection alone of over 15,000 pieces of porcelain; and Russia's largest fine art library. The Museum provides information kiosks, images of artworks, etc.; plus online virtual tours and exhibitions, and information about its history, resources, activities and shops.
The Western European Art section holds numerous porcelain treasures, from Russian Imperial to Sèvres and Vincennes wares, plus specialised collections. Gifts of state include Napoleon's Egyptian Service, the Meissen Berlin Dessert Service, Austrian Cobalt Service, and the English Coalport Dessert Service.
Use 'quick search' to locate other items in archives, virtual tours, etc. The Digital Collection is also searchable and has a small Ceramics & Porcelain section.    In English & Russian.
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 30 Nov 2004
THE STENCIL STORE  (Ramatoulaye & Ghislain Rigolot. Paris, France)
Products include electrostatic stencils or stickers for etching glass or porcelain, plus the Velvet Range of paints and brushes. The Rigolots also organise the Porcelainea Salon.    In English & French.
Added May 2015
The Wallace Collection  (London, England, United Kingdom)
'The finest museum collection of Sèvres in the world' and 'one of the best collections of French 18th-century pictures, porcelain and furniture'. Their site includes images of Sèvres porcelain and Limoges enamel (some as slide sets for sale). Free guided tours, with use of the library and archive by appointment.   
Added Aug 2001  - Last review 11 Apr 2005
The Wayback Times  (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
An antiques newspaper with short online articles about china painting, 'Rose Medallion' Chinese export porcelain, etc.   
Added Feb 2005  - Last review 9 Oct 2005
The Wedgwood Museum  (Barlaston, England, United Kingdom)
The Museum is 'a unique collection of ceramics, fine art, artefacts, pattern books, manuscripts and mechanical objects'. Read about the Museum and factories, collection highlights, and artists/designers; staff will arrange lectures and education days.   
Added May 2001  - Last review 24 Jul 2005
The Wisconsin Historical Museum  (Madison, Wisconsin, United States)
Check online exhibits for works by Milwaukee ceramicist Susan S. Frackelton (1848-1932). From china painting Frackelton went on to design and throw her own wares, later specialising in 'art pottery'. As well as exhibiting internationally she also lectured, wrote a china painting manual, and patented a portable gas kiln for home use.
Useful descriptions accompany the online images.   
Added Apr 2008  - Last review 22 May 2008
The works of diego nava  (Covo, Italy)
Includes plates airbrushed with '3rd fire colors'.   
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 6 Oct 2005
The World Organization of China Painters  
WOCP publishes The China painter magazine, holds events such as the World Show and the Art Institute, and has a library, shop and museum at Oklahoma City. The Museum has 'one of the finest collections of hand painted porcelain in the United States', with a focus on contemporary artists. Displays include antique and vintage pieces, plus selected members' work, with a small selection shown online. The Museum gift shop also sells hand painted china and supplies.
Useful site information includes studies and lists of teachers, clubs and dealers.   
Added Dec 2012 : the local history of Stoke-on-Trent, England  (Steve Birks. Stoke on Trent, England, United Kingdom)
A comprehensive, well-organised site about Stoke-on-Trent and The Potteries, with 'ceramic and pottery marks, history, photographs and maps...' Search, browse or use the index to find information on potteries, potters and their wares.   
Added Feb 2004  - Last review 21 Jun 2011

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