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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Atelier des Porcelaines du Château  (Marie-Brigitte Ceppi. Yverdon, Switzerland)
This "centre d'arts appliqués" holds a range of classes, especially in needlework and painting (e.g. on porcelain, fused glass, earthernware or wood). Novice artists learn the Nyon style of painting.
Read Brigitte's CV, view her work and that of her students, or browse the online shop.    In French.
Added Feb 2017
Atelier du Camelia  (Dominique Catanese-Dargnat. Paris, France)
Artist offering modern-style classes and workshops in her studio and at Charenton-le-Pont.    In French.
Added Jan 2012
Atelier du Peintre  (Roseline Boulot. Vallon-en-Sully, France)
Studio visitors may watch the artist at work on a range of traditional styles.    In English & French.
Added Feb 2003
Atelier du Prieure - Porcelaine  (Florence Heral. La Roche sur Foron, France)
Blog with teacher's and students' work done over a number of years.    In French.
Added Sep 2011
Atelier Farm' Art  (Marie-jo Marti. Pfaffenhoffen, France)
Blog with images of the teacher's and students' work, including porcelain.    In French.
Added Aug 2012
Atelier für Porzelanmalerei  (Marianne de Raemy. Muri bei Bern, Switzerland)
Browse a gallery of painted wares, and items for sale; or ask about supplies, classes and seminars (with guest artists). The artist's two books deal with painting small items.    In German.
Added Jun 2002  - Last review 4 Aug 2015
Atelier Grace  (Sibylle Grace Binggeli. Allschwil, Switzerland)
Image galleries, arranged by subject, showcase the artist's work.    In German.
Added Jul 2013
Atelier I D Porcelaine  (Irene Lorient. Lancon-Provence, France)
Studio instructs in jewellery and porcelain painting, and accepts commissions for tile murals, animal portraits, etc. Monthly newsletter available.    In French.
Added Jun 2010  - Last review 19 May 2016
Atelier ISARI  (Isabelle Fromaget. Lyon, France)
View the CV, slideshows and instructions (marbling, faux lapis, etc.) from an artist specializing in modern painting styles. Classes also held in Melun.    In French.
Added Aug 2011
Atelier K&K  (Katherine & Kristiane Ramos Breves. Brazil)
Displaying the artists' work (mainly portraits) and detailed CVs.    In Portuguese.
Added Aug 2013

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