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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Summer Celeste: Porcelain Art Studio  (Tucson, Arizona, United States)
China painter and multimedia artist whose work includes art glass, sinks, murals, etc.; commissions accepted.   
Added Mar 2016
Suomen Posliininkoristajain Liitto r.y.  (Finland)
About the Association, its office bearers and activities, with a tips page and image galleries.    In Finnish.
Added Aug 2011
Susan Rose  (Newnham, England, United Kingdom)
Offering hand painted bone china, for special subjects or occasions; plus tile panels and christening pictures.   
Added May 2008
Susanne Stüwe  (Zingst, Germany)
Enjoy the varied galleries of work by this Meissen-trained artist.    In German.
Added Oct 2010  - Last review 9 May 2017
Susi's Fine Art  (Susanna Bellenkes. Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States)
Portraits, landscapes, etc. in various media including china painting; commissions accepted.   
Added Sep 2005  - Last review 5 Feb 2010
Sybille Forkert  (Dresden, Germany)
Hand painted wares from an artist trained initially as a 'flower paintress' at the Meissen and Dresden-Freital manufactories. Items range from thimbles to wall murals, and genres from Watteau and Ludwig Richter to Saxon romantic, Ming dragons and heraldry.    In English & German.
Added Jun 2011  - Last review 4 Dec 2017
Sydney Porcelain Art Club  (Eriko Watanabe. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
This teacher established the Club as the 'Sydney Class of Harajuku Togasha'. She favours mainly traditional styles, such as Meissen; check for class details.    In English & Japanese.
Added Jun 2011  - Last review 19 Jan 2016
Sylvia Kreft  (Chemnitz, Germany)
A Meissen-trained artist offering wares ranging from porcelain jewellery to tiles and family crests; restorations and repairs; painting lessons; and works in other media.    In German.
Added Dec 2012
Syra Hansen  (Powder Springs, Georgia, United States)
Work includes painted Limoges boxes.   
Added Dec 2000  - Last review 30 Dec 2007
Syra Hansen  (Powder Springs, Georgia, United States)
Offering classes and painted wares, ranging from Limoges boxes to monograms, tiles and pet portraits.   
Added Feb 2008

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