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The websites listed below are in English unless otherwise stated. Click on the little "+" sign to see the Categories (subjects) for that entry.
Set Your Table  (Ranta Publishing. Lincoln, Nebraska, United States)
The on-line version of an international directory of dealers, matching services, replacements, etc. for discontinued and hard-to-find tableware. It also includes some potteries retailing 'current patterns'. The directory is distributed annually in the United States and Canada.   
Added Oct 2004
Sezer Acarlar  (Ankara, Turkey)
Images include works for sale.    In English & Turkish.
Added Aug 2005
SGCD  (Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators. Zanesville, Ohio, United States)
SGCD provides reference information for professional decorators, and represents 'every segment of glass and ceramic decorating' from fine china through to mirrors, tile and collectibles. Online information includes a list of testing laboratories.   
Added Mar 2007
Shabbyfufu  (Miami, Florida, United States)
Stock includes rose-decorated wares by Californian china painter Farnaz Farzad.   
Added Feb 2008
SHARON ART STUDIO  (San Francisco, California, United States)
Community center classes include china painting with Dina Competente.   
Added May 2007  - Last review 15 Sep 2016
Shebbo Design  (Sebnem Ergun. Istanbul, Turkey)
Decorated stone and porcelain painting, in modern or traditional styles. Place a custom order or buy dishware, tiles etc. online.    In English & Turkish.
Added Apr 2010
Sheila Southwell  (Hassocks, England, United Kingdom)
This china painter also works with watercolours, gouache and acrylics. She favours naturalistic subjects; has produced miniatures, greeting cards, books and teaching materials; exhibits regularly; and also restores china.   
Added Feb 2017
Shimpo Ceramics  (Itasca, Illinois, United States)
Shimpo's ConeArt Kilns include hobby and test kilns, and can be customised.   
Added Feb 2004
Shirley Gambrell's Porcelain Art  (Morehead City, North Carolina, United States)
China painting images with fruit and flowers, landscapes and luster.   
Added Jun 2013  - Last review 19 Feb 2018
A photographic community with galleries, forums, etc., including an article on setting up a DIY budget lighting system.   
Added Feb 2007

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