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China Painting List

Help: what each Category includes

Entries in The List are given subjects, or Categories, to make searching easier. Here are some brief notes about what is included in each Category.

China Painters
Artists individual china painters
Clubs all painters' clubs, guilds and societies
Communities online communities, such as some MSN sites
Collections & Exhibits
Galleries excludes temporary exhibits, unless archived
Museums museums with porcelain or related collections
Others private collections, plus anything not fitting into Galleries and Museums
Fine China
About includes historical information
Care & Repair includes restorers' only if they offer useful information or lessons
Marks pottery marks [subject under review]
Organisations collectors' societies, etc. [subject under review]
Patterns refers to factory (commercial) patterns
Potteries includes manufactories, and factories making fine china (or occasionally pottery)
Wares usually shops or similar outlets selling fine china
Colour any useful colour information
Design any useful design information
Health & Safety includes lead release, etc.
How to includes firing
Schools & Teachers schools, teaching studios, private teachers, etc.
What is useful product information, or anything not fitting the above categories
Books, Studies, Videos publishers, plus artists and suppliers selling these products
Magazines includes online magazines
Photography mainly tips for taking better photos
Portal Sites large sites hosting, or linking to, other sites
General usually larger suppliers, with a wide range of items
Studio, Ceramic & Specialty studios, etc. with a limited product range, or specialty items; plus glass and pottery suppliers
Whiteware (Specialty) includes artists and specialty suppliers selling their own brands
Whiteware Potteries larger potteries or whiteware manufactories
Tools & Equipment
Accessories items such as turntables, etc.
Brushmakers manufacturers [subject under review]
Kiln Sales & Services includes general suppliers also selling kilns
Kilnmakers kiln manufacturers [subject under review]

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Compiled by porcelain artist R. Janette Graham (Janri)
A selected listing of china painters' personal and business sites; associations and museums; some brush, kiln and paint manufacturers; fine china and potteries; plus magazines, schools and suppliers from around the world.
Updated 28 May 2017.

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