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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are there different ways of searching The China Painting List?
    The different searches make The List easier to use.

    The QUICK Search is — well, quick — because it lets you just type in a word or phrase. It's good to use when you know the exact name of an artist or company, their studio or website, or a town. For everything else, however — including all other places — it is better to use the FULL Search.

    A FULL Search will find entries that a QUICK Search may miss. It searches extra fields such as subjects and places (regions, countries and/or states). It is also very flexible, and can combine subjects, places and words. Use it, for example, for finding teachers and suppliers in a particular place.

    The LUCKY CLICK Search is just for fun. It returns just one entry, chosen at random; sometimes this will be a "hidden treasure" that you would not normally think of searching for.

  3. What are the various bits that make up an entry in The List?
    The first element is the title, or name, of the listed site. Whatever I see on a home page, I use as the title - exactly what I see, wherever possible, including capital letters and punctuation. (I cannot however use some special characters and non-Roman alphabets.) Finally, if there are several possible titles, I choose the most useful one. Search results are shown in title order.

    A title will thus be a name, or phrase, that is prominent on the title page. It may not be unique, so I usually add extra information (names and/or places) in brackets after the title; e.g., siteowner(s) or a business/studio, plus a town and state/country.

    Next comes a description of the listed site. I try to make descriptions accurate but brief, and occasionally include a link to an important page, or to a related site.

    The next elements are the URL or web address, and language(s) if the site is not in English.

    I follow these by the date that I added the entry to The List, and the date (if any) that I last reviewed that entry.

    Then there's the final element, a '+' sign in a small box. Clicking it shows the broad subjects - and countries - that I also assign to entries. Please note, however, that it only shows broad subjects. Each subject includes narrower topics for use in a Full Search of The List; these topics are described here.

    The new entries listed in the Paid News version of my newsletter are slightly abbreviated versions of the above, lacking only dates and subjects.

  5. How often do you update The List?
    Usually every 3 to 4 weeks, time permitting. The date at the bottom of each page shows when it was last updated. My newsletter usually goes out on the same day.

  7. I would like to be entered in your List; what is the procedure?
    Please fill out the Submit-a-site (submit) form, and I will contact you after visiting the site.

  9. How do you decide what to call a site?
    I go by what I see on the home page - exactly what I see, wherever possible, including capital letters and punctuation. (I cannot however use some special characters and non-Roman alphabets.)
    If there are several possible titles, I choose the most useful one.
    If you notice that a title has changed, please let me know so that I can update the listing. I like to check sites regularly, but with over 1,200 entries that takes a while to complete!

  11. I know a good site, but I can't find it in The List
    If you know all the details but it does not show up in a Full Search, it is not listed. Please tell me about it — I may not add every site, but I am grateful for all suggestions.

  13. I wrote to you but have not received a reply…
    I do answer all "china painting" mail, within reason (see comments under feedback). I try to do so within a few days, sometimes a bit longer. If you do not hear from me, the most likely reason is that I did not receive your e-mail, or that you did not receive my reply. Sometimes I receive a message but cannot send to the "from" address, although an alternative address may work.
    One more thing - check that you do not have a computer virus. I delete all infected messages!


Please tell me if you like The List, or if you notice something that could be improved. And if you find a new china painting site, I would love to hear about it - you can use the submit form or e-mail me at .

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Compiled by porcelain artist R. Janette Graham (Janri)
A selected listing of china painters' personal and business sites; associations and museums; some brush, kiln and paint manufacturers; fine china and potteries; plus magazines, schools and suppliers from around the world.
Updated 28 May 2017.

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