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About The List and its compiler …

The List is a selected, international directory of online china painting, or porcelain painting, resources. 'Selected' means that I don't add every site that I find; 'international' means that I add sites from around the world; and 'china painting' is really shorthand for china painting plus other related topics.

I compile The List myself, in my 'spare time', and it is totally free; I do not charge for entries, or receive any money from sponsors or advertisers. I hope to always keep The List free, but it does take an increasing amount of time and money. That's why I've been making some changes to the scope of The List, and to the newsletter (see the News page for further details). So, if you think that my work is useful, please consider making a donation to help with costs. To make this easier, I have now set up a donations page.

Although I am a china painter myself, I am not a teacher and do not sell supplies or studies. I do make porcelain jewellery, however, and have included some images of my work on this site. (A directory of this size needs some images!)

I will add some more information to this page soon, but until then you can find out a little more about me, and see more of my work, at my Janri Designs site.

R. Janette Graham (Janri)

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Compiled by porcelain artist R. Janette Graham (Janri)
A selected listing of china painters' personal and business sites; associations and museums; some brush, kiln and paint manufacturers; fine china and potteries; plus magazines, schools and suppliers from around the world.
Updated 28 May 2017.

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